Basic and Advance Export Readiness

3 Days for Basic Export Online Webinar / Both courses are TETA accredited and will include Material and Manuals, Certifications
• Planning an export transaction • Sourcing trade finance • Choosing service providers • Conforming to statutory requirements • Finalising international trade documentation • Managing export incentives • Conducting import shipment activities • Arranging payment terms and methods • Organising service providers • Conforming to statutory requirements • Processing international trade documentation • Administering international purchase activities • Incoterms

Basic and Advance Business Skills

3 Days Online Webinar
• 4 P’s product, price, promotions, place, packaging, positioning and people) • unique selling points (USP) • value proposition of products and services offering • Porter’s 5 forces of pastel analysis • competitor analysis • marketing tools • challenges and solutions

Doing Business in Disruptive Times

3 Days Online Webinar
• Business Strategy development – Redefining business models in disruptive times • Handling anxiety in disruptive times and remaining positive • Recovery planning - Identifying opportunities and building trust in disruptive times • Leadership in distressed times • How to keep selling in difficult times • Emotional Intelligence as a leader in difficult times

Entrepreneurial Skills Development

3 Days Online Webinar
• How to become an Entrepreneur • Pro’s & Con’s of an Entrepreneur • Leadership Skills • Difference between a leader and a manager • Emotional intelligence as a Entrepreneur • Plan like a Entrepreneur

Marketing and Sales Management

• Marketing VS Sales • Marketing Mix • Marketing Orientation • Development and Role of Selling • Sales Strategies • Consumer and Organisational Buyer Behaviour • Customer service • SWOT analysis (risk analysis, challenges and solutions) • Marketing tools (Social media) • Sales responsibility and preparation • Personal selling skills • Key Account Management • Relationship Selling • Direct Marketing • Sales Management & Sales Productivity • Sales Environment • Sales forecast and budgeting • Sales pitching
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