We provide a range of business services tailor designed to your particular needs.

Global marketing concentrates on helping organizations to grow and develop new and existing markets. Our focus area include both local and exports markets, and is done through market research and facilitating more effective marketing planning. Our consulting services also include export market studies, market research studies, export orientation and training, coaching, mentoring an skills development, developing business/marketing plans and constraints analysis implementing turnaround strategies. Use is made of various theoretical and practical models and our market research is completely valid and reliable. However, we are not bound to specific products or approaches as our client’s needs determine the model, approach, methodology and process used. 

Our mission is to improve business performance, increase the impact of marketing management and enhance the competitiveness of South African enterprises. This is achieved through facilitation, market research, feasibility studies, competitive intelligence, development business and marketing plans, training, mentoring and competitiveness assessments. 
We have assisted numerous companies to improve local market development through conducting competitive intelligence, identification and profiling of agents, market segmentation and the development of strategic marketing strategies. 

Numerous marketing and sales productivity audits for companies have been done to asses the utilization and application of marketing and sales resources and to thereby improve the quality marketing and sales management. Common use is made of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) as a diagnostic tool to identify constraint in companies which is successfully applied around the world. We also apply PIMS (Profit Impact of Marketing Strategy) to evaluate business performance and benchmark best practices.

We have also been involved with EU projects for the development of the SME sector through providing business support to a number of enterprises. We were also part of a EU project conducting a Value Chain analysis in the Eastern Cape to identify and evaluate various economic sectors with the view of identifying opportunities for poverty alleviation and employment creation. The project lead to several opportunities being identified which are currently being implemented. 

Grey van der Hoff is a marketing specialist and has lectured in marketing for MBL students at Unisa. He has facilitated the development of marketing plans for a large number of small, medium and large companies over many years. Many of these plans have lead to increased market share, higher sales and improved marketing performance.