Colly Mabelu, Deputy Director - Department of Economic Development

I hereby confirm that Global Marketing was commissioned by the Department to undertake a market and economic development for the Department from February to December 2004. They did a lot of work in developing markets in the SADC Region for stainless steel sector for the department to the benefit of the local stainless steel sector.

They performed their duties very satisfactory and with a high level of professionalism.

SEDA Business Advisor

Thanks Global Marketing team. The client was highly satisfied. I am thankful that we managed to close the project in time and according to the clients specifications. The work is exemplary.Thank you for a good service provided. (Website Development and Promotional Material for SME Company)

JMG Kuhn - Managing Director, IBIS

Global Marketing was commissioned for projects pertaining to competitive intelligence and investigate regional skills shortages in mining, food and beverage industry sectors from Feb to April 2009.

They performed their duties professionally meeting all deadlines and their work was highly satisfactory. 

Mamatsabu Maphike CA (SA) - Chief Operations Officer: Thula Sindi Trading Enterprises CC

"We confirm that Global Marketing developed our website and we use them regularly for online store and we are happy with their service. Global Marketing was professional at all times. We received continuous feedback and adequate training to ensure we are able to maintain the website ourselves. We recommend them as we will use Global Marketing and team in future."