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    Business Plans

    Anyone can develop a business plan. In fact, I encourage any customer to go and develop their own business plan as it is your own business after all. However, the challenge is that to develop a detailed and comprehensive bankable business plan takes time, research, knowledge and specific know-how to interest a funder, investor or professional body. On average 40 hours is needed to develop a bankable plan covering A-Z of your business.
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    Export Training, Coaching

    Grey is an export specialist, having undertaken export marketing projects for over 350 companies in 35 countries around the World to promote South African SME exports. He has established markets all over the world and built up a network of international agents and distributors. Not only does he train entrepreneurs to become export ready, but he also facilitates the export market entry process. We are in the final stages of acquiring our SETA accreditation for export training courses.

    Access to Finance

    Access to finance is a major stumbling block for the growth and development of SMEs. Having worked with financial institutions for many years we are well aware of what they want to see in a business plan in support of applications for finance. Some key criteria entail affordability of loans applied for, confirmation of access to markets, realistic financial projections, skills and business experience of owners and track record in running a business successfully.

    Market Access Facilitation

    Our valuable network, contacts and negotiation skills gives us a front foot to link you with a specific market. Most SME’s fail due a lack of marketing planning, market information, understanding markets and competitors resulting in difficulties gaining market access. The importance of having a detailed marketing plan drives market access.

    Marketing Plans

    A marketing plan is a blue print of your future success and the lack of marketing planning is a major reason for SME failure. Market information is the foundation of a well-written marketing plan. While a marketing plan contains a list of actions, without a sound strategic foundation, it is of little use to a business.

    Customer Surveys

    A customer perception Survey enables a company to obtain insight into how their customers perceive them in terms of brand awareness, product and service quality, price and related aspects. It provides insight of the image your company in the market place to enable you to take corrective actions where necessary.


    It takes a certain set of skills to obtain information from a competitor if they don’t want to provide you with information. We specialise in competitive assessments or competitive analysis. This is a very important business-planning tool that attempts to account for the presence of competitors and their potential impact on business decisions.

    Marketing and Sales Audits

    Marketing and sales audits are a systematic assessment of the utilization of scarce marketing resources and to assess the quality and productivity of marketing and sales campaigns. Symptoms of low marketing and sales productivity include a lack of marketing planning, insufficient market information, lack of a market orientation and lack of market segmentation amongst other.

    Turn Around Strategies

    Many South African companies are presently experiencing declining sales, stagnating sales, increasing debt or poor performance of some sort. Some reasons include bad management, getting comfortable in an ever changing market, new players in the market, not properly costing products, unproductive factory layouts, lack of detailed marketing plans and insufficient planning for the future.

    Productivity Initiatives

    Productivity audits entail measuring productivity across a range of aspects to establish norms for a process of ongoing improvement. If you don’t measure “you cannot control” which is essential to ensure best practices are followed

    Market Research

    Having conducted market research for over 350 companies over the last 20 years in local and export markets, we follow stringent processes of gathering, analyzing and interpreting information. We engage our wide network built over the years to consult with professionals and experts in a particular field.

    Strategy Development

    Strategic training and development initiatives are used to train start-up businesses and SME’s to grow and develop their knowledge in the fields’ entrepreneurship, marketing and sales management, export marketing.
    Research Studies
    Marketing & Business Plans
    Export & Marketing Training
    Strategic Workshops
    Our Business Plan Consultants will develop a world-class business plan and financial forecast that will meet the guideline requirements as specified by the relevant financial institution.

    We focus on a wide range of consulting services. But our main areas of expertise are comprehensive and bankable business plan development which may include a detailed marketing plan. Global Marketing Business Consulting services are the leading business plan and marketing plan developers based in South Africa with offices in Johannesburg. Global Marketing strive to deliver a stable, robust and reliable service at affordable rates to all our clients. We serve countrywide.

    Developing a fully bankable, tailor-made Business Plan and realistic Financial Forecast Model is an important aspect for any business or venture. It resembles the first impression of the entrepreneur and the business idea and attracts the interest of business financiers, investors, and landlords. It is also the key to understanding the needs of taking your existing business to the next level. You require a fully bankable, well-researched, comprehensive and professionally prepared business plan with the assistance of a seasoned and experienced business plan consultant. This will significantly increase your chance of being successful the first time.

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